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House Of Cards Zee Cafe Season 5 Episodes Quiz

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How'd You Use Your Powers If You Were To Be The President Of Your Country For A Day?
Just for the thought of it, have you in your wildest dreams, ever really imagined yourself being the most powerful person in your country?
About what would it really be like if you had the privilege to be the president of your country only for a day?
House Of Cards Quiz                                                                     House Of Cards WittyFeed
To be very honest, the thought of it makes me feel like I can take over the world and do so much for the entire nation even if given the slightest of chance. But these are only thoughts and I sure am not doing anything about it except daydreaming!
Nonetheless, what's the harm in unveiling the type of President that you would be if you had all the powers to be one?
So here's a little something that I have for you guys to figure out if you're the Dictator sorts or a Democrat based on your daily life choices!
Brace yourselves and let's find out what's in for you! 

Eight Real Life Politicians Who Proved To Be As Ruthless As Frank Underwood
All those who have been keeping up with the House of Cards will agree that it is an exceptional political thriller that has through Frank Underwood given us a dreadful reality check on just how dirty politics can really get.
Watching the terrifyingly conniving things that Frank does in his pursuit of power can sometimes creep the bejeezus out of you especially when you hear that the show may have been inspired by real-life politicians. Well, we have no clue as to what's true and what's not…but in today's political scenario, the scary fact is that truth is way spookier than fiction and that there are a couple of real-life politicians who are supposedly in the real world, as ruthless as Frank!
House Of Cards                                                                       House Of Cards Zee Cafe
Here's a shout out to all you House of Cards fanatics and conspiracy theorists, this one is a must read for you guys.
Zee Cafe House Of Cards
A list of eight regents and politicians whose political and personal characteristics could be the inspiration behind that of Frank Underwood.

Six Times Frank Underwood Unleashed Terror
Truth is supposed to be stranger than fiction except when it comes to House of Cards. I've been binge watching House of Cards ever since it began, and I'm totally hooked. The story revolves around Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), an American power hungry politician who wants to become the President at any cost.
House Of Cards Season 5                                                                    House Of Cards Season Five
Frank, a multi-faceted personality, can be cold, cunning and knows exactly what to do to get what he wants. His mind works almost like a machine, he is known to be very effective at what he sets his sights onto.
House Of Cards 5
As ruthless as one can get, he indulges in corruption, plays mind-games and unleashes terror throughout the TV series. He can act jolly and become caring to people just to gain their trust, but he does not mind ruining their lives or even killing them to serve his own personal goals.
A bad ass President like him is hard to imagine but intriguing to watch.


Friendship Day Pics

Every year, Friendship Day is observed on August's first Sunday. It is a day that is specially dedicated to your close friends. This year, Friendship Day will fall on August 6. In 2017, General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30 as the International Friendship Day. But most countries still celebrate it on the first Sunday of August.

We have compiled some lovely images, quotes and messages for you to share with all those whom you hold dear.

Have a look!

Friendship Day Photos

Friendship Day wishes



Friendship Day wishes and Friendship Day Messages

FRIENDSHIP isn't how U forget but how U forgive,

Not how U listen, but how U understand,

Not what U see, but how U feel,

And not how U let go, but how U hold on!


In a very short time, we have become very good friends. I have shared great moments with you. We will become true friends. Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day.

Article By : – WittyFeed


Friendship Day Wishes

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Images Wishes Quotes For Friends Photos Pictures Songs Videos Pics For Crush High Definition DP For Facebook And Whats App.

Parties, movies, and hangouts are some of the most common activities that people indulge in on the Friendship Day. But what tops them all are friendship bracelets or bands. It has been a long tradition since our school days to get as many friendship bands as one can.

With Friendship Day just round the corner, we suggest you to get some bands for your friends and spend your Sunday at a nice place.

We have compiled some lovely Friendship day images, Friendship quotes and messages for you to share with all those whom you hold dear.

Have a look!

Friendship Day Quotes

There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.

Happy Friendship Day.

A good friend will help you move. But a best friend will help you move a dead body.

Happy Friendship Day.

FRIENDSHIP is like a tree...  It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be. But it is about how DEEP the ROOTS HAVE GROWN... HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.

We hope to make your Friendship Day better. Be sure to make it so for your friends as well. Share these images and messages with people you love.

Wish You A Very Happy Friendship Day 2017, Folks!


Independence Day Celebration

India got independence on 15th of August in 1947, so people of India celebrate this special day with gusto. Independence Day Photos


Independence Day Wishes

This year too, Prime Minister of India will unfurl the National Flag early morning at the Red Fort in New Delhi where millions of people will participate in the Independence Day function.


Independence Day Messages

Today we come together,

Be the cause for the unity,

Make it Beautiful day another..

Fight against corruption,

Spiral the flag of On NATION

Happy Independence Day.


Happy happy independence day to all

Freedom in the Mind,

Faith in the words..

Pride in our Souls..

Lets salute the Nation Independence Day.


Our life is full of Colors

I hope this 15th August will

add more colors to your life

Happy Independence Day.


Independence Day Quotes

Life is full of vibrations, not of bombs But of harmony & happiness Enjoy it with full enjoy, spirituality, Happy Independence Day.


May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our country.


It is a day to pay salute to all those who became the reason of this land. Happy Independence Day.


Thousands laid down their lives so that our country breath this day Never forget their sacrifice, Happy Independence Day to all.


Independence Day Pics

We hope to make your Independence Day better. Be sure to spread the message and feeling of patriotism around everyone around you. Share these images, quotes, thoughts, messages, and patriotic poems with people you love, and pray for India's prosperity. Independence Day Images


Story by- WittyFeed


The Independence Day

This year too, Independence Day 2017 function at Red Fort will witness colorful parade by platoons of Indian defense forces, NCC, and other organizations. This will follow dance and cultural presentations by school students.


Independence Day Live Parade


After hoisting the tricolor, Prime Minister will give a speech, which will b watched by millions of people across the country on TV.


15th August Live Parade


Aside from this main function, Independence Day functions will also be organized in schools, colleges. Socio-cultural organizations also hold Independence Day celebrations.

Independence Day Speech


Independence Day Poems

Is there ought you need that my hands withhold,

Rich gifts of raiment or grain or gold?

Lo ! I have flung to the East and the West

Priceless treasures torn from my breast,

And yielded the sons of my stricken womb

To the drum-beats of the duty, the sabres of doom….."

The Gift of India

Happy Independence Day.


Our's is a land of sages,

Known for bravery for ages.

None can with it compete,

Its culture none can beat.

Whatever caste or religion,

All live here in unison.

With rivers, sweet fountains,

It is a land of high mountains.

Its green forests are pretty,

And are a source of prosperity.

Let's for it work hard,

For its safety, be on guard.


We hope to make your Independence Day better. Be sure to spread the message and feeling of patriotism around everyone around you. Share these images, quotes, thoughts, messages, and patriotic poems with people you love, and pray for India's prosperity.

Wish You A Very Happy Independence Day 2017, Folks! Jai Hind!


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Reasons Why One Should Go For Love Marriage Instead Of Arranged Marriage

Recently, while watching the trailer of an upcoming rom-com which deals with a provoking subject involving advantages and disadvantages of arranged as well as love marriage, my mind started generating views and opinions about marriage.


See also- Indian Independence Day


Despite being a rigid supporter of love marriage always, I also started thinking about the benefits of having an arranged marriage. Gradually, as I went through an in-depth analysis of the same, eventually I thanked God for making me realise that love marriage was, is and will always remain better over an arranged marriage. 


See also- Indian Independence Day 2017


Ergo, for all the bachelors and spinsters out there, who feel baffled on which kind of marriage to go for. And if you think to get into an arranged one, then this one is surely for you. Coz these 10 reasons will make you rethink before going for an arranged marriage. Have a look at these reasons!


See also- Independence Day Songs


How can one think of marrying a stranger? 'Do anjaane ajnabi, chale baandhne bandhan'. Yes, that is what happens when you decide to get into an arranged marriage. But in a love marriage, you know your partner in out. And as they knowing each other perfectly is one of the secrets to a successful marriage.


See also- 15 August 2017


When your marriage is an arranged one, these questions become an integral part of life, for initial years of tying the knot. Coz when you tend to tie the knot with a person you have met once or twice, how can you even think of asking his/her likes and dislikes.


See also- History of Independence Day

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Fantastic Hacks To Increase Space In Your Smartphone

The smartphone is basic but more essential is the space that you really want in extra terms because what is the use of smart cellular if it does not have enough space to carry your stuff. If you are an android or iPhone user then definitely these tricks can help you a lot to keep up extra space on your phone.

These tricks are really simple and best to follow and moreover, to it helpful for the users who always have a complaint of short memory in smartphone. Try them and you might get good chance to raise memory of your iPhone or android.

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1. Divert to Streaming services.

Over the few decades, several streaming services like Spotify, Apple music, Sound Cloud etc. have replaced regular music storing and downloading. So, switch yourself to this service and avoid excess tracks on your phone.

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2. Avoid 4K video capture

It's better to avoid 4k resolution video capturing as they are pretty bit larger than HD ones. They take a lot of space in phone and battery life too.

Read also: Samsung On Max Configuration

3. Better to delete the unused applications

Apps take a noticeable amount of storage in phone. So, it's better to drop the old gaming apps or any other that are installed but have very less use.

Read also: Samsung On Max Price

4. Move photos or videos to computer.

The best option to free space on your phone and easier too. Just take a backup of your photos, videos and other stuff and transfer everything to your computer as the computer can have all the things at one place. For every Android smartphone and iPhone, there are transferable apps that can help to get connected with PC and transfer the whole data.

Read also: On Max 2017

5. Backup on cloud

All round backup at google drive or cloud is also the way to free space on your phone. Make id on Dropbox with the help of google drive and create a backup of your photos or videos over there.

Read also: Samsung On Max Review

6. Delete old screenshots, photos, duplicates etc.

Deleting old files or data is not so interesting work to do and maybe time consuming but, clearing older ones from phone can help a lot to create space for new ones.

Story By: Beyond Stories


Legendary Cars Were Used In Famous Hollywood Movies

Movies entertain us in the best way possible. The scripts, star casts, costumes and the most important cars and bikes fascinate people a lot. Some movies have come up with great ideas to customize the cars which made those happy who are crazy for the sports and other unusual Hi-tech cars.

Since the 20th century, technology has taken fast pace, with many hi-tech gadgets and cars have amazed us.

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Let's have a look at these miraculous cars you have seen in movies.

1. James Bond Lotus Submarine car from the Spy Who Loved Me.

The car gained fame through its appearance in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me where it was featured in a long chase sequence on the Italian island of Sardinia. It is probably best know for its unique feature of converting into a submarine.


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2. Audi RSQ from I, Robot

For the first time ever, Audi developed a car specifically for a major Hollywood motion picture.


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3. X-34 landspeeder from Star Wars

It is a reliable vehicle for the cost. It is usually the cheapest of the vehicles because of the smaller number of resources required to craft one.

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4. British Lola T70 Mk III from THX-1138

The Lola T70 was built for sports car racing, popular in the mid to late 1960s. Developed by Lola Cars in 1965 in Great Britain. This car has won six races in a year.


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5. Lexus 2054 from Minority Report

The Lexus 2054 is a concept car designed for the 2002 Steven Spielberg film Minority Report. The vehicle was shown being built at an automated factory in the film, and later driven by star Tom Cruise in several action sequences.


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Story By: Beyond Stories


Internet Startups Who Changed The Way Of Internet Surfing

Do you know these amazing Internet Startups who changed the way of using the Internet? Everyone Use WWW, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. But Why?

These Internet Entrepreneurs started from the scratch, worked hard, and the results are here. Today they inspire us to do better and the best. The journey of their hardworking will motivate your heart as well, I bet.

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Tim Berners-Lee - Father of WWW

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the guy who successfully executed communication between HTTP client and server via the Internet. Now we use this thing as WWW. He is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a senior researcher of the 3Com Founders Chair at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In 2011, he was honored with an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Harvard University

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Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Kings of The Internet

Google is the widely used Search Engine on the Internet. Most of the people know Larry Page only. But do you know? Sergey Brin also co-founded the Google. It is one of the most profitable Internet companies of the world. In 1996 they changed the Internet world. Google's current worth is approx $498 B. Read more about Google Revolution

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Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia

Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales is the person who co-founded the world's largest encyclopedia. Yes, Wikipedia is the most popular source of general reference work. Wikipedia has the most verified information. If you still do not know about Wikipedia, then just search it once.

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Mark Zuckerberg - Social Media King

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook. Well, do you know who the other co-founders were? He and his classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes started Facebook as the University project. Today Facebook is the world's best social media platform. But do you know Facebook is not allowed in Russia, China, Japan, and Korea?

Facebook's approx worth is $350 billion.

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Jack Dorsey - King of Trends

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of a mobile payments company known as Square. He also created the micro-blogging website Twitter in 2006. On Twitter, people share the happenings with hashtags. Twitter also shows the latest trends. Today Twitter is world's best happenings platform.

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David Filo and Jerry Yang - Yahoo!

Yahoo! is known for defining the Internet. David Filo & Jerry Yang worked together to establish this Search Engine and while they were pursuing their Electrical Engineering. The domain '' was created in 1995. Their highest-read news and media website, with over 7 billion views per month. They itself claims Yahoo attracts "more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages."

Story By: Beyond Stories


Redmi 4: Full Review After 4 Months Of Heavy Use

With many Chinese phone makers entering the Indian market, there are tons of budget choices available to pick a device from. Just name a price bracket, and you will be flooded with options, but the only thing that might disappoint you is that there are not many branded devices available offering decent specs.

Luckily, around four months back while scrolling through a website (Discussed in the end), we found Redmi 4x (32GB) at just Rs 6500, the same device which will cost you around Rs 9000 in India and obviously we bought it right away. Now, the Redmi 4x is being sold in India with the name tag of Redmi 4 but there is no difference in both the devices (4x is the global variant while 4 is an Indian variant).

The device is still very new to India and still the best you can get under Rs 10000, so here we are with a review of Redmi 4 or 4x after using it for 4 months.

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Starting the things off with the display, on paper specs is not at all appealing and a 5-inch 720p display is what we get. But here is a deal, the screen is small, that helps in retaining the quality, and I never felt that I am texting or watching a movie on a 720p display. The super vivid display looks great and trust me, you will not feel it be any cheaper.

The one thing that I faced issue with is the sunlight visibility of the display. Even at full brightness level, the screen doesn't look optimized, and you might want to avoid using it on a sunny day.
The 2.5D display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and in these 4 months of usage, we did drop it a couple of times but everything went smooth.

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Now we all know that device is powered with Snapdragon 435 which is not very powerful but not weak either. The octa-core processor handles the day-to-day task very well and we didn't face any problem with games like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat too.
The fact that Snapdragon 435 is a power efficient processor also helped the battery to last longer.

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There are three variants of this device available, the one we have comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Everyone knows how heavy MIUI can go and I did face it. In the long list of apps installed, the phone will end up giving 700MB of free RAM just like Nexus 5, but the twist is that Nexus 5 has got only 2GB as RAM. Though this doesn't mean that the device hangs even a bit. But a lighter version of MIUI would have been appreciated.

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The camera is always an issue with budget segment devices. Redmi 4x is kind of a neutral here, the camera output is good with good coloring, range and detailing. The problem I had was the processing while we click images, the shutter speed is good but the user will definitely need to keep the device still while clicking images otherwise the photo may come blurry and out of range.

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Story By: Beyond Stories


Here Are 8 Skills You Need To Excel As A Social Media Manager!

More than 50 million business pages exist on social media giant, Facebook. Almost two billion people use and derive benefits from social media worldwide.

As social media scales new heights, social media management has emerged as a challenging job.

So, what does social media manager do? Advertising, content marketing, account setup are some of the services he provides.

Scroll down to know what skills are required to become a social media manager.


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1. Smart Work

Many work hard, but only a few are capable of doing smart work. You should be able to create an error-proof strategy and make quick decisions when caught between two choices. Learn the behaviour of customers and deliver what they want. Understanding insights and graphs are also important since they help you to know what really matters for the company and where you should focus on.


See also- Content Marketing Strategy


2. Content Quality

Keeping commerce and content separate is a good move. Deliver the legit and original content which will entertain the reader. Don't spread rumours and fake news to grab people's attention. If you really want the loyal audience, keep it real. Adding high-resolution images and videos to your article levels up the quality of your content because one picture paints a thousand words.


See also- Content Marketing Values


3. Research

Think like a detective. Be a Sherlock. You should be able to do a good research on a particular topic. The internet is full of information. Gather as much information as you can.


See also- Digital Content Marketing


4. Network and Connections

Surrounding yourself with people having same goals helps you think positive and keeps you motivated. Keep your circle big. They may also help you to promote your content on other platforms.


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5. Communication Skills

It takes two to tango. When you are communicating with someone, they create their own image of yours in their mind. By using ultimate power of words you can control their mind. Develop your communication skills!


See also- Content Marketing Companies


6. Patience

Creating your own impact on social media. Learning audience behaviour takes time. But once you are in the game, results will amaze you.


See also- Content Marketing Benefits


7. Update Yourself

You should be aware of what's trending on the internet. Read blogs, news of every field daily.


See also- Content Marketing Agency


8. Photoshop Skills

Learn some light photo editing skills. It will help.

Source- WittyFeed | Beyond Stories


Eight Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Advertising is a huge part of marketing, and marketing plays a huge role in determining whether or not a product will be a success. Many good quality products have been known to fail because of insufficient or bad advertising. Advertising lets people know about your product and creates an interest in them to use it.

Good advertising also lets the people know what they can expect from their product. And so, the larger the audience the ads can reach, the better. Because of the same thought, the Super Bowl is seen as a great platform to advertise. But when you advertise on such a huge platform, you also run the risk of blowing up your reputation by showcasing an ad that rubs off the audience is a wrong way.

That's what happened with these advertisers, who created the worst, most disastrous Super Bowl commercials of all time! Check it out.

1. GoDaddy's 'Smart Meets Sexy'

GoDaddy wanted to do something that would catch people's attention. And so, they went with this liplock which essentially looked so awkward that it made the people uncomfortable. So they did catch people's attention but in a negative sort of way.

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2. Salesgenie's 'Chinese Pandas'

Rule zero in advertising says that using bad ethnic stereotypes is a formula for disaster. But Salegenie's marketing team seemed to have thrown away the book when they made this ad, that too for the year's biggest audience. As is obvious, they received a huge backlash and eventually apologized.

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3. Groupon - 'Tibet'

The idea was to reduce the struggles of an ancient culture. But as anyone can tell, it was a bad idea to begin with. So obviously, the ad led to quite a disaster.

See also- Native advertising examples

4. - 'The Worst Commercial'

To call your commercial the worst commercial on the offset does sound like a good idea, and it is, unless you end up actually making the worst commercial. Then it's just plain, sad irony!

See also- Native advertising companies

5. Apple's 'Lemmings'

Apple's '1984' ad was one of the most iconic ads of all times. But the sequel to it, which is this one, was just as bad. They should have been more careful with making the sequel.

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6. Dirt Devil's 'Fred Astaire'

To use a footage of a dead, beloved celebrity to endorse your product is as dangerous as playing with fire. But Dirt Devil acted more like a daredevil with this ad which cost them a lot of their reputation.

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Source- WittyFeed | Beyond Stories


Hollywood Celebrities Who Quit Social Media

Celebrities with their glittery, glamorous lives are always rocking the news headlines. We never stop being obsessed with them and are more than keen to know each and every slightest detail of our favorites.

Relationships, heartbreaks and disses all make it more attractive, so we keep an eye out for juicy scandals coming our way. Even they seem to very willing to send everything out to the world because that is what keeps them in the hype. But when the celeb fever gets all too much to take in, and they allegedly cross limits, there comes a time when they need to take a break from making everything public and taking a deep breath of normalcy, that is when they choose to withdraw from social media.

So here's the quick peek on the celebs who quit social media.


1. Iggy Azalea

After she socially dissed Papa John's and their consumer confidentiality. Then again she was body shamed for posting her vacation photographs in a bathing suit. Then she shortly handed her account to her management. Then you know she basically returned.

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2. Rihanna

Next is Bad girl Riri, we all know her old habit of posting explicit photos of herself. But the''igers'' just couldn't take it in so she deleted her Instagram account for six months.

See also- Social Media Marketing

3. Kanye West

Then we have Kanye West, who is all well known for his public antics, left the Twitter for no particular reason, he basically deleted every tweet there was instead left a single tweet'' be back soon''. He made his comeback on the social platform after one whole day.

See also- Social Media Marketing Agency

4. Nicki Minaj

Following some very mean comments about her, she reportedly left Twitter.

See also- Social Media Marketing Companies

5. Miley Cyrus

Initially, she left Twitter because of her then fiancee Liam Hemsworth. As for now she is back with a bang.

See also- Social Media Marketing

6. Zayn Malik

48-hour break that he took from Twitter following hate comments posted by angry fans upon the rumors they heard about him.

See also- Social Media Marketing Strategy

7. Emma Stone

Sticks and stones surely don't break her bones, but poor Emma has been hacked too many times on Twitter, which forced her to exit the platform.

See also- Social Media Marketing For Businesses

8. Naya Rivera

The former Glee star was offended by the rumors of getting fired from the show because of a clash with Lea Mitchell. All she needed was a short break from the social media to calm the haters.

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Source- WittyFeed | Beyond Stories


These Social Media Applications Will Make You A Successful Person

Social accounts today are not just the sources of entertainment today but have taken up the faces of ladders to success. These social accounts aim at providing you with the best of career opportunities and will help you the most.

See also- Content Marketing

1. Quora
Many of us get older but we never leave aside our childishness who just won't stop asking question. From silliest of queries like How to use Google? to trickiest question on Nuclear Science, you can get it all answered on Quora and that too by experts in that particular field. So, if you are ever hungry for answers, just Quora your question.

See also- Benefits of Content Marketing

2. Linkedin
When it comes to making career it may sound rubbish that a social media account could land you in some of the best jobs suited for you but it's very much true. LinkedIn is such a place which is constantly monitored by various companies who are always in search of new talents. Start on LinkedIn, build connections, update your profile regularly and see if are good enough to attract your dream job to you.

See also- Content Marketing Strategy

3. Behance
Skills not flaunted are the skills wasted. If you have skills and have done some work in the past don't be afraid to flaunt it anytime. And to do this, Behance is the platform you need. Create a Behance account and get started with to publish your work. If your work has quality, it'll sure get appreciated around the globe.

See also- Value of Content Marketing

4. Pinterest
You may have all the expertise in a particular skill but unfortunately you lack in that creativeness and all you need is some inspiration to get started, Pinterest is the place you need to be on at the moment. You can view loads of work from people around the globe to get inspired and even you can publish yours too just like Behance.

See also- Content Marketing Mistakes

5. Mashable
You can watch all the news and read all those newspapers but still wont find as much information about latest in the world as much on Mashable. Just create a account on Mashable and start exploring. And just a friendly advice, don't SignUp for Mashable using your Facebook account else your whole News Feed will be full of Mashable content and you'll end up getting irritated.

See also- Content Marketing Trends

6. Letsintern
As a student, all you desire is to get that dream job of yours. Letsintern, with it's slogan "Start Young" helps you get near your dream job. Either looking for an internship or a partime/fulltime job or just to earn your pocket money, Letsintern will help you to try and find the job best suited for you and will even let you to apply for that position too.

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7. Feedly
Feedly is very useful social media website which divides each story in different categories and you can browse your most liked stories randomly.

See also- Content Marketing Companies

Source- WittyFeed | Beyond Stories


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